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5 hacks that will make your swimwear last longer

Exposure to sun, chlorine, and saltwater will reduce the lifespan of your swimwear. Pastel colors fade and the fabric loses its stretchiness. But there are some simple hacks that will make your swimwear last season after season.

A rule to increase any garment's lifespan – swimwear included – is to be cautious with washing. Especially machine washing causes a tear or your clothes. Swimwear should never be machine washed, a gentle hand wash in cold water is enough.

Wait for 30 minutes after applying sun protection

Sun Protection Lotion is a necessity, but unfortunately, it tends to cause yellowish stains on your clothes. The stains can be extremely stubborn, so wait 30 minutes before you put on your swimwear.

Rinse after every use

Rinse your swimwear carefully after every use. Fill up your sink with cold water (hot water will ruin the fabric's elasticity) and rinse out any excess saltwater and chlorine.

Dry in the shade

The sun will dry your swimwear in no time, but it can also bleach the fabric. Always dry your swimwear hanging inside-out in the shade to preserve as much color as possible.

Hand wash in lukewarm water with Odor Control Detergent

If you leave swimwear in your beach bag too long, they will attract a foul smell. Our Odor Control Laundry Detergent will remove bad smells and bacteria even at 30ºC.

How to wash swimwear
  • Fill up your sink with lukewarm (30ºC water) and add some Odor Control Laundry Detergent
  • Let your swimwear lie in the sink for 1 hour
  • Gently wash, avoid harsh rubbing or twisting
  • Rinse in cold water, carefully twist to remove excess water and let hang dry in the shade

Home remedy: Preserve colors with vinegar

Before every hand wash (and to prevent colors from fading) you can preserve the colors with vinegar. This is a classic home remedy that works for all kinds of textiles. The smell from the vinegar won’t linger after the swimwear has dried.

How to use vinegar to preserve colors:
  • Fill up a tub with lukewarm water (around 30ºC) and add ½ dl of Vinegar
  • Let your swimwear lie in the tub for about 1 hour. Rinse with cold, clean water or hand wash if needed
  • Repeat the remedy a few times during the season, and the colors will last longer

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