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Avoid discoloration with our Color Absorber

What kind of garments and which colors can you mix in a regular washing machine? Do you worry about color bleeding? You don’t have to. Steamery finally introduces the Color Absorber – laundry sheets that make it possible to mix colors together.

Do you have children or a big household and need to do laundry quite often? Do you fear discoloration, but don’t want to waste unnecessary water and energy? By using Steamery’s Color Absorber sheets, you can easily get past the problem. In this article, we will highlight all the essential things you need to know when you wash mixed colors together.

First of all, when washing colorful clothes, you need a good detergent. Steamery’s All Colors Laundry Detergent doesn’t treat color pigments like dirt. Already at 30°C, it targets the real dirt and bacteria and dissolves and removes the remains with the washing machine water rinse while effectively preserving the colors. Washing at lower temperatures also prolongs the lifespan of clothes and saves water and energy.

Second of all, if you add a Color Absorber  to your laundry, it’s suddenly possible to mix colored and lighter textiles without the risk of discolorations. These small sheets work like magnets, absorbing loose color pigments spinning around in your washing machine and prevent them from being transmitted to other garments. 

How it Works

Place 1-3 laundry sheets in the back of the washing machine drum. Wash at 30°C with a regular amount of laundry detergent (preferably All Colors from Steamery). The color-absorbing sheets are very effective. However, they cannot absorb 100% of the color pigments.  Therefore, always use the product with a certain amount of caution. In other words – don’t mix your most expensive whites with brand new dark clothing. 


Sorting your laundry is vital for avoiding discolorations and, perhaps even more importantly, making your clothes last longer.

A few easy reminders and general laundry tips:
  • Wash your most valuable whites separately
  • Mix lighter colors, striped clothes and (previously washed) darker garments at 30°C by using one-three color-absorbing sheets
  • Wash denim inside out and keep them separated from the rest of your laundry for at least five washes
  • Always use an enzyme-free detergent when washing natural materials like silk, down and wool – Steamery’s Delicate Laundry Detergent is an accurate alternative
  • Make a habit of always adding the Color Absorber, no matter what you put in the washing machine
  • Go easy on the fabric softener – a good detergent nourishes the fibers and is all you need
Keep in mind that today’s modern laundry detergents are very effective. Washing at 30°C dissolves dirt and bacteria in a way that only 60-90°C did in the past.

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