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5 tips for enjoyable hand washing in the summer

Lazy summer days are the perfect setting for a conscious and relaxed laundry routine. We have gathered our best tips for making hand washing in the summer an enjoyable chore.

Only do laundry when you have to

Vacation is the ideal time for slowing down when it comes to laundry. Summer clothes are less demanding to look after and if you are out traveling you may have restricted access to washing machines. It is the perfect time to stop routinely washing clothes and adopt a conscious laundry habit.

Air out your clothes in between washing

Make a habit of airing your clothes outside after you have worn them. Continuously refresh them in between wearing, and they are good to go many times before you finally wash them.

Do the garments need to be washed?

  • Unfresh odors? Let your clothes hang outside overnight and spritz them with some Fabric Spray to add a fresh scent of rose and musk.
  • Stained clothes? Act fast and rinse spills immediately, and you most often don’t have to wash the entire garment. Spot treat just the stain with Stain Remover and wear the clothes one more day.

Create an enjoyable ritual outside

All you need for doing laundry is water and laundry detergent. Fabric softener is a completely unnecessary and environmentally harmful product. The water does not necessarily have to come from a tap, water from a nearby lake or freshwater creek can also be used.

Important: If you don’t have access to a drain, it is important that you choose a 100% easily biodegradable laundry detergent, so that no harmful chemicals end up in nature.

Let the garments soak properly

Fill up the tub with lukewarm water (30ºC) and 30 ml of our Delicate Laundry Detergent. Resist the urge to start rubbing and squeezing right away, let the garments soak for around half an hour and find something else to do while waiting. Always start to gently work stains from the inside to avoid rubbing them in and risk making the stains permanent.

Rinse the garments by pouring out the dirty water and adding new, cold water. Make sure there are no residues from the detergent left in the tub. Repeat the process until the clothes feel clean, expect rinsing at least three times. Twist the clothes until you have squeezed out as much excess water as possible.

Hang dry outside with an Air Dry String

Let mother nature dry your clothes. Hanging your clothes outside is by far the most sustainable way to dry clothes. Attach our Air Dry String to a tree or a suitable wall outside and four meters of retractable clothesline will magically appear only when you need it.

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