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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Cirrus and Cirrus No.2?
Both the Cirrus Travel Steamer and the Cirrus No.2 performs well.
The Cirrus No.2 is the updated version of the Cirrus, with a few upgrades on functionality as well as design:
Cirrus Travel Steamer:
Needs regular de-scaling (if you don't use distilled water).
Has a front plate in plastic.
7 minutes of continuous steam.
Cirrus No.2 Steamer:
Does not require de-scaling. The boiler has a coating which acts as a repellant for scale.
Has a front head in stainless steel, engineered to spread the steam more evenly on the fabric.
Smoothens out the wrinkles more efficient.
Exclusive design with a soft, matte finish and a fancy textile cord.
6 minutes of continuous steam. 
Spit water from the steam outlets?
Yes, the hand steamer can spit small amounts of water, especially if you're using it while the button is orange. It's not much and it dries up really fast, but make sure the lamp is green before you're using it. Orange indicates that the steamer is heating up.
Can you use de-ionised water or ironing water in this steamer or is it distilled water only?
If needed, you should use distilled water and not de-ionized water. If you use de-ionized water you will damage the steamer.

Regular tap water also works, as long as you don't live in an area with hard water quality. 
Can I use the Cirrus No.2 on bedding and upholstery?
Of course! Cirrus No.2 is great if you want to steam home textiles. (A lot of interior decorators use it to style furniture and textiles for photo shoots etc.) Don't use it on leather furniture though. 


I recently bought a pilo fabric shaver. How long do it take to charge?
Five hours of charging is enough for the battery to reach maximum capacity (50 min).
However, if there's lints or pill left in the machine it will not start even if it's fully charged. Here's a tutorial of how to clean it if it's necessary:
Can I charge Pilo with USB wall charger?
You can charge your Pilo with a USB-wallcharger (or using an adaptor, if you have one). If doesn't work for you it might be that the cord is damaged, or your outlet/adaptor does not work. Try charging it with the computer, and if it works then there's nothing wrong with the cord but most likely with your outlet. 
Can I use Pilo Fabric Shaver on cashmere?
You can use Pilo on all fabrics, cashmere included. It's super important that you follow the instructions thoroughly when you use it on more delicate fabrics. Always lay the garment flat and never press the Pilo against the fabric, just swipe it carefully. Try it on an inconspicuous area first.   
Can I use Pilo on furniture?
It will work as long as you are careful and follow the general instructions, like never pressing it hard on the fabric. Be very gentle and try on an inconspicuous area first. 


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