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Pilling & Lint

Pilling is a common reason why garments are discarded or returned to the stores. But this is a natural process and not necessarily an indicator of poor quality.

What is pilling?
Pills or bobbles are excess fibers that rise to the surface of certain textiles. They typically appear where there is frequent abrasion on the fabric, like on the armrest of a sofa or the sleeve of a wool coat. Pilling is a natural process that will inevitably happen to even the most luxurious fabrics like cashmere wool and is not necessarily an indicator of poor quality, nor a reason to discard or return a garment.

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Removing pills
There are a few ways to remove pills from your clothes and home textiles. The most effective and gentle method is to use a Fabric Shaver with sharp razor blades that shave off the excess fibers. A few quick sweeps with a fabric shaver can truly transform your old sweaters and make them look brand new again even after years of use. This method works on almost any kind of textile that develops pilling, but we recommend going extra easy on delicate fabrics and knitted garments.

How to use a fabric shaver
Removing lint
Unlike pills, lint sits loosely on the surface of the fabric and does not require a fabric shaver. Use a Clothing Brush to remove lint and surface dirt from denim, jackets, upholstery, or other thick fabrics. To remove lint and hair from more delicate materials, our reusable Lint Brush is a great alternative to disposable tape rollers. Sticky tape may be good for catching lint and pet hair, but it tends to leave a trace of glue and make your newly cleaned textiles attract more lint and hair.

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