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Steamery gift guide 2023

Looking for some holiday gift inspiration? Here’s a curated guide to some of our favorite items that will help your loved ones care for the garments they love, season after season.

Gifts for people who love clothes, but want to prevent textile waste

For the minimalist

The closet is often the first place minimalists look to streamline their belongings and create a “capsule wardrobe” of quality pieces built to last. But high-quality items like cotton and wool knits are especially susceptible to pilling, making them look worn out and frumpy. Clothing shavers like the Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver delicately remove pilling and fuzz, allowing users to keep their clothes looking fresh longer, so they can create an endless array of outfits from the wardrobe they already own.

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Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver in Sand, resting on a shelf.

Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver - Sand

For the vintage lover

The thrill of the hunt is half the fun at thrift stores, but retro clothing – for all its years of service – can tend to pick up a less-than-pleasant smell. Our selection of laundry products makes great gifts for lovers of vintage fashion. Specially formulated detergents wash away bacteria, odors, and stains, leaving behind subtle fragrances like citrus & cedar, rose & musk, and vanilla & jasmine. The Laundry Kit Essentials bundle includes everything they need to get started, in a convenient gift box that’s ready-to-wrap.

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For the business traveler

Spending lots of time on cramped airplanes and living out of a suitcase will lead to wrinkles for even the hardiest fabrics. That’s why the Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer is such a game-changer for business travelers. It’s a steamer and iron all in one, so they can create either a pressed or more natural look. Compact, powerful, and TSA-friendly, it guarantees perfectly polished outfits, so they’ll show up to their next meeting looking refreshed and ready to put their best foot forward.*

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*Please note that this product is designed to be used with a voltage of 110-120V, the standard voltage in North America and some other countries. It is incompatible with the voltage used in Europe and other regions with a different voltage.

Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer - Sage

Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer - Sage

For the designer enthusiast

Designer clothing is often crafted with exquisite materials – like silk, cashmere, and wool – that require special attention to maintain their luster and feel. When tossing them in the wash isn’t an option, the Cirrus 2 Handheld Steamer provides a gentle yet effective way to remove wrinkles and refresh clothes without subjecting them to the heat of an iron. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this handheld steamer iron is an investment that will keep their designer clothes wearable and beautiful for years to come.

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Stocking stuffers

Lint Brush
Small enough to fit in a carry-on, our reusable Lint Brush provides a lightweight and effective way to banish the lint, hair, and dust that accumulates on clothes throughout the day. It also eliminates the waste and cost of traditional lint rollers.

Clothing Brush
Our Clothing Brushes, made of oak and sisal, are another alternative to a plastic lint roller. Their tactical feel and sleek design can make an everyday routine into a moment of pleasure.

Tumble Dryer Balls
Everyone needs wool dryer balls in their life. Our 100% organic wool Tumbler Dryer Balls eliminate dry time by 10–30%, cutting energy costs and eliminating the need for dryer sheets or fabric softener.

Pocket Clothing Brush

Pocket Brush

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